Casino Payout Guide – The Best RTP Casinos Online

Welcome to Casino payout, all about online casinos and their payout percentages. It’s often overlooked by players and something that niggled me for quite some time. All online casinos have a different payout % so which is the best? That was the question I set out to answer, the results can be found right here on the website.

It’s quite clear that best online casinos entice new players by offering bonuses and promotions. This is obviously great news for us, often however the terms and conditions attached make it almost impossible to ever clear that bonus, or any winnings from it. Believe it or not a deposit bonus from an online casino isn’t the main reason you should sign up. In fact for most it’s not really a reason at all, yet we are all blinded by £300 free and free spins bonuses that are simply too good to miss.

Slots are still the most popular online casino games. Online slots have what’s called an RTP which stands for return to player. It means the same as percentage payout that you will see on pub  fruit machines at your local (if they still have them). For slots fans finding the best RTP slots is essential, if you want to win or minimize losses at least. The casino payout percentages on slots vary wildly and this should be a factor when considering which casino to join.

It’s best when the casino itself publishes the rtp for each slot. I believe that most do although often hidden pretty well so finding them can be very difficult. We do have a dedicated page where you can see the best rtp slots you can play online.

Winning is Important

Let’s get to the point here, winning is the most important factor when playing an online casino. Why would you play if you couldn’t win? By choosing an online casino with a higher payout, by playing slots with a high rtp and by playing games with a lower house edge, you are increasing your chances of winning at the online casino, and that just makes sense.

So for all the amazing bonus offers, free spins and reload bonus hunters out there, forget about all that and concentrate on winning. Choose a casino that payouts more, pick slots you have the best chance of winning on, and make the best move ever to a casino payout that increases your chances.

Make Sure Your Casino Is Safe

It’s vital in today’s World that when you carry out financial transactions online that you ensure they are done safely and securely. That among other reasons is the purpose of Safe Online Casino where we rank only the safest places to play real money casino games online.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a safe UK online casino, one is of course the banking facilities available and the security behind them. How fast your money is repaid is another factor we have taken into consideration when ranking and reviewing the casinos here.

Things such as reputation and player satisfaction are key indicators as to whether the casino is reputable, you also need to know that the games are independently checked and scrutinized for fairness. To take the hassle out of you having to research these points yourself, simply take a little time to check out our UK Online Casinos where we put our knowledge of online gaming gained in the past 10 years to good use.

How To Choose a Safe UK Online Casino.

One basic rule to abide to when choosing a safe online casino to play is to only sign-up to big names. We would class a big named casino as one which is well known through various other outlets not just for it’s online casino operation.

As we ourselves along with most of our visitors live in the UK we feel more safe playing at a UK Online Casino, that may be all down to our personal feeling or patriotism, however it is true that the United Kingdom is home to many of the best and most reputable online casinos in the World.

A good example a big named safe online casino would be Ladbrokes Casino whom have a solid reputation for online poker, sport book, casino and of course renowned for having thousands of high street bookmakers shops throughout the UK and Europe.

Don’t be fooled by the biggest bonus and free money.

Many people are attracted or enticed to deposit into an online casino by the lure of big deposit bonuses. While it’s common practice for all casino’s to offer a bonus for signing up it should not be the sole reason why you join.

Many rouge casinos have been known to offer extraordinary deals for new players which have turned out to be either untrue or fly by night ventures.  It’s far more important to choose a high quality casino here you know everything is safe and above board than it is to try and get free money. You will always get a casino bonus but some are much more hassle than they are worth.

Casino Compatibility

It’s no good signing up to an out of date casino that requires you to download hefty software. this gets worse if your looking for a mobile casino to play on the move. In our casino reviews we take a look at the software used by each casino, along with the game developers titles available.

We don’t have lists on mobile casinos as that’s not our string point. Other portals like MCasino cover this topic and do a great job, we leave mobile casino software and reviews to them.

It is a factor and one you should be aware of. We do let you know if the software is up to date, and if it is this is always a good sign the casino is thriving and keeping customers happy.